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Welcome to FlexEdit! A lightweight program designed to help you easily and safely edit Flexible Survival savewords.

You can reach me at for any questions.

Bugs Reports / Suggestions should be directed here:

More information is in the README. The program does not have to be ‘installed’ to run. However you do need Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 (If you are running Windows 10 Creators Update and above, you already have this.) If you do not have this, use the following link

How to use

There are 2 ways to load a saveword:

There are 2 ways to export a saveword:

To use:

Simply navigate using the tabs on the side to edit all aspects of the saveword. ‘Raw edits’ directly edit game variables that are stored in the saveword, this is a very powerful tool and can modify all aspects of the saveword (including questlines, characters, companions, etc.) but be warned that incorrect edits here may lead to broken quest lines. Please backup before attempting to edit



10/9/2017 - v2.1.3 -> Updated for September 2017 release of Flexible Survival. Added new, clearer annotations. Multiple Bug fixes. New infection list.

6/4/2017 - v2.1.2 -> Finished annotations and variable naming for all 3 saveword parts. Bug fixes and legacy code cleanup. First release version. (Can be installed via autoupdater starting from v2.1.1-beta)

6/4/2017 - v2.1.1 beta -> Implemented updater, settings screen, and automatic backups on save to file. Raw variable edits, backup file creation, and autoupdates can all now be configured in the settings screen.

5/28/2017 - v2.0.16 beta -> Fixed a potential bug that blocked app startup, preparations for autoupdater (not yet included)

5/28/2017 - v2.0.15 beta -> Rewritten code in preparation for update system, icon and ui changes, revamped annotation system, numerous bug fixes.

5/21/2017 - v2.0.14 beta -> Major UI overhaul, file save/load system, many other additions

5/11/2017 - v1.0.7 alpha -> HOTFIX build. Fixed major issue of crashing when clicking export button with an empty database (saveword not loaded). Improved general error handling as well. Using official microsoft API now. Still wouldn’t call error handling ‘robust’ though.

5/10/2017 - v1.0.6 alpha -> First prerelease public build, major framework complete but major functions missing. Demonstration build only. Advise against using.


FlexEdit is very much in beta and many features are incomplete. Below are the to-do for future updates